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5 Quick Natural Ways to Fight Cold and Flu [Natural Remedies]

As the temperature drops, Cold and Flu are one of the most common viral infection that attacks the nose and throat.

You will feel uncomfortable with regular sneezes and stuffy nose.

The most preferred way to take care of cold and flu is by taking medicines.

But, there is some good source of natural remedies that will help you get rid of stubborn cold and flu.

What causes cold?

Different types of viruses are responsible for the common cold. One study showed the virus counting increasing with the onset of a cold. Although the condition is harmless, and the symptoms generally resolve in two weeks.

What are the symptoms of a cold?

The symptoms of cold are running nose, congestion, and sneezing. In a severe condition, you may get a fever. It is advisable to see a doctor in such a situation, especially for children.

How Cold spreads:

  • It spreads by coughs or sneezes, which is also called airborne respiratory droplets.
  • You can also get by handshakes or hugs, which is known as skin-to-skin contact.
  • Kissing or shared drinks also help in spreading cold through saliva.
  • Even touching contaminated surfaces like a blanket or doorknob can help in spreading cold from one person to another person.

What effects the flu?

In contrast to the cold, flu attacks your nose, lungs, and throat. It was found mostly in young children, older adults, and even pregnant women. People with chronic diseases or having less immune are more likely to get affected.

Influenza is another name of flu, that attacks your respiratory system. It was found that millions of Americans every year get affected by flu.

Sometimes flu causes mild illness, or it can be severe or deadly, especially for people above 65, newborn babies, or people with chronic disease.

Symptoms of Flu?

The symptoms include muscle aches, cough, congestion, chills, fever, running nose, headaches, and fatigue.

How Flu Spreads?

  • Coughs or sneezes help in spreading flu
  • Through skin to skin contacts like handshakes or hugs
  • Through saliva with shared drinks or kissing
  • Getting in touch with contaminated surfaces like doorknob or blanket

Five natural ways to fight Cold and Flu

Take Protein in Cold and Flu:

Protein was found to be effective in getting rid of health issues like cold and flu.

The time when you start to feel low, start the intake of protein more. It would help if you always chose meals that are packed with lots of protein and nutrients.

Protein-rich food helps in fighting with the pathogens.

Your intake of citrus fruits like orange and tomatoes and veggies like bell peppers will provide enough Vitamin C to fight infections. Vitamin C rich food will boost immunity and help in getting rid of pathogens.

Have a massage in Cold and Flu:

Getting a massage will help in blood circulation and boost your immune system.

Also, it even relaxes your body and is quite beneficial in the initial stage of cold and flu.

Eat Raw Onion

In research, raw onion is found to be an excellent source for fighting with cold and flu.

Raw onion is naturally filled with antimicrobial property and also contains sulfur that is beneficial in improving your immune system.

You can even soak some slices of onion in a glass of water and drink that water after 8-9 hours.

Have some hot sip of soups and tea

If you like to sip tea, coffee, and soups, then this natural way will relax your sore throat. Moreover, you can use ginger in your tea and soups; it helps in beating the nasty cold.

You can also add green cardamon or other spices to increase the effect. Moreover, spices are filled with antioxidant that helps in fighting the bacteria.

Wear a wet pair of socks

Yes! You heard it right. Wet pair of socks has a similar effect of enhancing immunity known as hydrotherapy treatments.

You will notice that wearing a cold, wet pair of socks has improved your health condition tremendously.

Hope, the above quick natural ways to fight cold and flu will help you recover quickly.

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